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Just   another   slow   day   at   the   biotech   firm.   You   work   at   the   main   research   facility   as   a   mechanic   for   vehicle   maintenance   and   general   odd   jobs   around   the   place. You   don't   exactly   know   what   they   manufacture   here.   Very   secretive   need-to-know   stuff   and   the   non-disclosure   papers   seemed   pretty   clear   about   not   talking about what you see here, otherwise the consequences are severe. Anyway,   the   pay   is   good   so   you   just   keep   quiet   and   diligently   do   your   job.   Speaking   of   which,   the   cargo   van   downstairs   needs   an   oil   change.   So   time   to   get   to work.   It's   getting   pretty   late   and...   oh   man,   the   power   just   went   out!   That's   just   great. You've   got   to   find   the   emergency   switch   so   you   can   turn   the   lights   back   on. Good thing you have your flashlight handy! Hold on, what was that noise??? ______________________________ Controls - Movement: WASD Use / Pick-Up: E Sprint: SHIFT + Movement Jump: Space Bar Flashlight: F ______________________________ This   is   a   basic   3D   adventure   (Escape   the   Room   style)   game   uploaded   into   the   Steam   Workshop.   I   am   interested   in   delving   more   into   development   of   3D   solid model   assets   for   games.   You   can   download   and   play   this   game   for   free   by   getting   the   Leadwerks   Game   Launcher   app   within   Steam.   This   launcher   app   is completely free. Once installed, look for "The Van" game and you can immediately launch and play it. Please let me know what you think of the game! Most of the game is stock from game engine except for - Some custom voice-overs were created by me using basic audio production software. Some custom sound effects were created by me using basic audio production software. The van + van tailgate 3D solid models as well as operating script were created by me using basic 3D CAD software. Enjoy!