SPOILER ALERT!   The   following   contains   hints   on   how   to   solve   the   game   if   you   get   stuck.   Do   Not    read   further   if you want to solve the game yourself without any spoilers. Office:   The   situation   starts   with   a   power   failure   and   the   lights   are   out.   You   can   use   your flashlight   to   help   navigate.   There   are   4   emergency   switches   located   in   the   corners   of   the   rooms behind   the   boxes.   Only   1   of   them   is   active   and   will   restore   power   to   the   lights   and   elevator.   The active   switch   is   chosen   randomly   on   every   game.   You   will   know   which   one   is   the   active   switch because   the   "hand"   icon   will   appear   when   you   hover   over   it.   You   can   then   flick   the   switch   by pressing the "E" (use) key. Main   Floor:   When   you   get   to   the   main   floor,   the   van   tailgate   is   initially   disabled. You   need   to   turn on   the   main   bay   lights   in   order   to   see   better   as   well   as   activate   the   van   tailgate.   You   will   need   to turn   on   the   yellow   generator   first,   then   you   can   activate   the   control   panel   to   turn   on   the   main bay lights. Hmmm... there's that noise again! Bio-Hazard:   Apologies   if   that   was   a   jump   scare!   Didn't   mean   for   it   to   be   that.   At   any   rate,   now that   you've   let   loose   the   escaped   bio-hazard,   you   need   to   quickly   figure   out   what   to   do!   You have   no   weapons   so   you   have   to   use   your   wits   to   solve   this   one.   The   clue   is   in   the   blaring warning   message   coming   over   the   loudspeakers.   The   main   bay   doors   cannot   be   opened   with the   bio-hazard   running   loose   on   the   main   floor.   Essentially,   you   have   to   somehow   trap   the   bio- hazard   in   the   elevator   to   get   it   off   your   back   and   off   the   floor   so   that   you   can   continue   the   game. Make   sure   that   thing   doesn't   escape   back   out   or   you   will   have   to   deal   with   it   again!   Oh,   and   also be   sure   to   remember   the   non-disclosure   agreement   you   signed   with   the   biotech   firm.   You absolutely cannot talk about what you see here! Low   on   Fuel:   Oops!   You   definitely   should   have   filled   up   the   tank   before   bringing   the   cargo   van to   the   maintenance   facility!   Don't   worry,   there's   a   full   drum   of   fuel   somewhere   on   the   main   floor. Go   towards   the   bay   doors   and   hang   a   left   around   the   structural   pillar.   You   will   find   a   fuel   drum there.   Now,   what   to   do   with   it?   Well,   that's   another   top-secret   technology   that   this   R&D   firm   has been   working   on.   The   cargo   van   does   not   require   a   fuel   tank!   Simply   drag   the   fuel   drum   into   the cargo   van   and   throw   it   anywhere   on   the   floor,   close   the   tailgate   and   you're   ready   to   go!   The   van is   even   self-driving,   it   doesn't   even   have   a   steering   wheel!   Or   seats   for   that   matter!   Ah,   the advances of modern technology! Hope you enjoyed!