Helicopter Flight Simulator
3D Model Viewer
I   started   a   basic   helicopter   flight   simulator   with   a   3D   model   that   the   player   can   enter   and   fly   in   a   first- person   perspective   with   full   essential   flight   controls   including   cyclic   (FWD   /   AFT   /   side-slip),   collective (ascend   /   descend),   and   anti-torque   (yaw).   The   demonstration   scenario   includes   a   landing   pad   with   an elevator   to   try   to   establish   what   might   become   a   mission   based   game. The   flight   is   a   simple   take-off   and left   traffic   pattern   through   a   mock   cityscape   eventually   landing   back   at   base   to   showcase   the   basic   flight controls of the helicopter.
Helicopter Flight Simulator
Elements of this website are for entertainment only and not to be construed as real events or proper flight instruction.
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