This   game   started   out   as   a   dodgeball   theme   but   then   morphed   into   something   else.   I'll   explain   in   later   revision.   At   any   rate,   the   object   of   the   game   is   to   try   to break down all of the boxes on the target platform before you run out of balls. ---------------------------------------- Controls: Movement: WASD Launch Ball: L Status: K Increase Throw Power: I Decrease Throw Power: M Toggle Music: H ---------------------------------------- You can only launch a ball while facing forward. You start out with 50 balls. Again,   work-in-progress   but   the   basic   game   should   be   playable   and   you   should   be   able   to   win   the   round.   If   you   win,   the   game   reports   out   how   many   balls remain in your arsenal. A current challenge would be to see how fast you can break down the cardboard castle with the least amount of balls used. This   is   a   basic   3D   game-of-skill   uploaded   into   the   Steam   Workshop.   I   am   interested   in   delving   more   into   development   of   3D   solid   model   assets   for   games.   You can   download   and   play   this   game   for   free   by   getting   the   Leadwerks   Game   Launcher   app   within   Steam.   This   launcher   app   is   completely   free.   Once   installed,   look for "Pig's Adventure DodgeBall" game and you can immediately launch and play it. Please let me know what you think of the game! Most of the game is stock from game engine except for - Pig + Robotic Arm 3D solid models as well as operating script were created by me using basic 3D CAD software. Pig was inspired by the app Bad Piggies from Rovio. "Pig's Adventure" soundloop created by me using basic audio production software.
Pig Pet
Pig Chase